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Literacy Coalition of Hancock County

Who We Are

VISION:  Every person in Hancock County will be literate.

MISSION:  To coordinate and support community initiatives which promote lifelong literacy. 


  • Literacy improves the quality of life
  • Literacy is a lifelong continuum
  • Everyone has the right to be literate
  • Literacy is ageless



Build Capacity (enhance what we have and add what is missing)


What We Do

The Literacy Coaltion of Hancock County believes that ever person has the right to be literate. The organization strives to provide an umbrella under which all entities in the county engaged in literacy activities may network. Quarterly informational sessions are hosted for members and non-members to share, coordinate and collaborate to meet the mission of the Literacy Coaltion.

The Coaltion board is made up of a cross-section of literacy related individuals, representing providers, users, and funders. The board works to review literacy data and activities in an effort to assure there are no gaps in service. There are three working committees made up of broader reach of indivudials


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