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Children's Mentoring Connection of Hancock County

Who We Are

Children's Mentoring Connection offers a variety of mentoring options:
Community Based Mentoring:
The CMC concept is simple, but highly effective: match a boy or girl (6-14 years old) primarily from single parent households with a mature, stable adult mentor who will provide consistent and dependable guidance, understanding, acceptance, fun and support. The agency staff recruits, screens and closely evaluates adult applicants while gathering a complete social history and personality profile on each youth applicant. Once a match between adult and child is made, follow-up supervision and guidance is provided to the mentor, client and parent/guardian. The volunteer works with the child in an asset-building relationship in the areas of growth and development, prevention, life skills, problem solving and decision making. If there are additional problems in the family the Case Manager will offer support, networking and referral service to other Hancock County social service agencies.
Community based mentoring options include one-on-one, couple, family and two adults who share the mentoring responsibility with one youth.
Pals/Group Pals:
While our children are waiting for their one-on-one mentor match, we offer outings and activities with our volunteer Pals. As a Pal, the volunteer commits to taking a child or several children to an activity in the community or a CMC sponsored activity. We ask Pals to commit to a monthly outing.
School-Based Mentoring:
The volunteer commits to spending one hour per week at the school site (28 weeks per year).  During this weekly visit the mentor will engage in educational or recreational activities in an attempt to increase self confidence, improve self expression, improve the child’s relationship with peers, and develop a more positive attitude toward school. A case manager plans the activities each week and is on-site to provide support and supervision.

What We Do

The Children's Mentoring Connection (CMC) began as a Big Brothers Agency in 1974 and added Big Sisters in 1978. In 2004, the Board of Directors voted to discontinue the affiliation and become a local independent organization. We continue to offer the same quality mentoring services in Hancock County.
Our mission is to develop competent, caring and confident youth through
effective and measurable mentoring programs.