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Marathon Center for the Performing Arts

Who We Are

As a 501(c ) 3 non-profit organization, Marathon Center for the Performing Arts is Northwest Ohio’s premier destination for diverse arts programming, education and entertainment. MCPA also strives to enrich lives and strengthen the economic vitality of the community.

With our grand opening in December 2015, MCPA has already brought in big-name acts such as STOMP, Gavin Creel, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame CHICAGO. 

What We Do

Marathon Center for the Performing Arts (MCPA) will be a hub of a diverse and thriving arts district becoming a regional center of activity and creativity. We will be a launching pad for talent and provide a venue for other related arts organizations. MCPA will enrich lives and help drive the Hancock County economy. The Center will continually evolve through the support of multiple streams of revenue.